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Our Switchboard & Switchgear customers in India

  • Power Control Equipments
  • Ohm Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Load Control India Pvt ltd
  • Marine Electricals Pvt ltd
  • BCH Electric Ltd
  • Unilec Engineers
  • ESSAAR Universal Pvt ltd
  • Adlec systems Pvt Ltd
  • Electro Allied Products
  • Pyrotech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. U-4
  • Prithvi Technologies
  • Switchgear and Control Technics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Venus Controls & Switchgear Pvt ltd.
  • Vacon Drives & Controls
  • Control & Schematics Ltd
  • Ambit Switchgear Pvt. Ltd
  • Asiatic Electrical & Switchgear Pvt
  • Electrofab Innovations India Pvt Ltd.

Approved semi government customers

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