Precise Electricals

Digital Multifunction Meter2

Model Number PE 9900 PE 9900R PE 9900 GPRS
Features - User friendly interface
- Easy to install
- Site adjustable CT ratio
- Site adjustable integration time 15min or 30 min for average demand (PE 9900/PE 9900R/PE 9900 GPRS Models) - Password protected
- Date and Time Settings
Display 20 x 4 Alphanumeric backlit large LCD Display -
Communication - RS485 RS485 + GPRS
Voltage Input 230V AC ± 15% Voltage I/P: 110V AC (Optional) (H. T Model) Special meter for furnaces (570V AC) (optional)
Current Input Standard 5A (1A on request)
Auxiliary Supply 230V AC ± 10%
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Low Current 1% (50mA)
Operating Temp. +5°C to +60°C
Accuracy Class 1.0 (0.5, 0.2 On request)
Dimensions 96(L)x96(W)x60(D) mm 144(L)x144(W)x80(D)
Panel Cut Out 91mm x 91mm 138mm x 138mm
Weight 0.49Kg 0.59Kg
Parameters Three Line Voltage & Current
Three Phase Voltages & Currents
Power factor of each phase and frequency
Active Power (KW), Apparent Power (KVA), Reactive Power (KVAR), Total Power
Active Energy (KWh), Apparent Energy (KVAh), Reactive Energy (KVARh), Total Energy
Average and Maximum Demand
Average Power Factor of each phase
Real Time Clock
Display of last reset date and time of energy and maximum demand