Precise Electricals

Intelligent Load Manager 1

Model Number PE 4600 PE 4600-T PE 4600-P PE 4600-BTP
Description Available with block window method Available with block window & TOD facility Available with block window & predictive demand Available with block window, TOD & predictive demand facility
Features - 1 Alarm point and 3 tripping point (potential free)
- PC interface facility with RS-485.
- True RMS measurements.
- Model available for LT as well as HT.
- Selectable display of present & previous KVA.
- Facility for Date & time settings.
- Uses advanced DSP processor.
- Low PT, CT burden.
- Auto reset facility for maximum demand with programmable date & time.
- Cost effective energy management solution.
- Easy user interface & easy installation.
- Confirms to IEC standards.
Display 16 x 4 Alphanumeric large LCD Display
Communication RS485
Voltage Input 415V AC ± 15%
Current Input Standard 5A (1A on request)
Auxiliary Supply 230V AC ± 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Low Current 1% (50mA)
Operating Temp. +5°C to +60°C
Accuracy Class 1.0
Dimensions 144(L)x144(W)x80(D)
Panel Cut Out 138mm x 138mm
Weight 1.5Kg
Parameters Phase to Neutral & Phase to Phase Voltage
Current of each phase
KW of all phases & total KW
KVA of all phases & total KVA
KVAH of all phases & total KVAH
KVAR of all phases & total KVAR
Instantaneous PF of all 3 phases